Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Q&A with past WUDC champions - With partial transcript

This is a very good Q&A. Thanks to the Malaysia org com for putting this together and Josh and Lewis for answering questions. 

Since the sound isn't amazing and I know some people prefer text I've put together a partial transcript below. 

  • Lewis recommends practising doing 15 minutes of prep for motions with your partner t get the hang of division of labour etc. 
  • Josh says he rarely consults the matter file mid-prep, but the process of compiling it causes you to learn a lot; 
  • Discussion of putting forward cases you don't believe in:
    Good for building empathy with different points of view,
    Often done better than cases you believe in yourself because you aren't relying on your intuitions and therefore skipping logical steps in the argument;
  • POIs, Useful to provide a relevant example of terms to shape context of  debate, or to pull out an implicit assumption from the other sides case and highlight it when they don't want to spend time on it. Also think about them in prep. Should be integrated with rest of case. Write out verbatim before giving in list of priority and don't deviate. Especially if you are in top half use to keep yourself relevant. Also use to redirect the debate, 
  • Q: How to go away from bad arguments other team on your bench has said. A: Use an "even if " argument to bracket it off into two separate conditional arguments. Depending on situation, if they are really offensive just explicitly move on and say you are taking a different tack. 
  • Q: There are always premises of arguments which are not justified in a debate, how do you know when you have analysed an argument fully. A: It depends, hard to make an all encompassing rule of thumb. Some premises self evident, judgement call which ones those are in a particular debate. Generally don't  need to do it when both sides are arguing for the same end, if the different sides are positing different ends you need to justify it more and say why it matters more in the debate. 
  • Keeping sane at worlds. Some people disconnect from debate after and listen to music etc. other people like to talk about it, do whatever works for you.
    Remember to take care of yourself, get good sleep etc. 


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